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The Power of Pillar Content Articles

Oct 22, 2019 by Hot Prospects Success Team

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But in a day and age where the Internet has exploded with YouTube videos, Instagram influencers, Facebook groups, and of course, millions of articles online – it can be more difficult than ever to actually gain real traction in a crowded online environment. Hot Prospects creates solutions and connections.


Building the Sales Process and the Predictive Pipeline Dashboard

Oct 21, 2019 by Hot Prospects Success Team

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In previous blog entries we’ve covered some of the basic building tools used for constructing a sales process within the CRM. Using the “Steps” and “Actions” section in the Leads area will help keep everyone using the same process, the same check points, and the same tools used in predictive analysis. In addition to building the “Steps” and “Actions” of a sales process, there is another set of data tied to the sales history and it is used to help determine the potential revenue in the sales pipeline.