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What are the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) used to determine the Ranking Score of my post?

Oct 06, 2019 by Success

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The main type of engagement on the Hot Prospects® Platform is when a consumer fills out a form or creates a review on a specific post. When a consumer fills out the lead form on the post, the data collected is used to generate a lead within the CRM. When a review is submitted, that data is stored with the specific post and reviewed before displaying live on the site. Both of these types of user engagement on the site allow the creator and the consumer to connect and potentially communicate further.


Now that I’ve built a customized form and assigned it to my landing page, what should I do next?

Sep 27, 2019 by Success

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The Hot Prospects® platform supports a wide variety of customizations created specifically to help identify and build a sales process for any type of business. First, use the most common “sales steps” that your company’s representatives would perform when they sell, and then build out those sales steps.


What’s the algorithm behind determining who are the Hot Prospects?

Sep 27, 2019 by Success

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Hot Prospects was recently asked about the process we go through in determining the overall rank or score of any given post. There is a list of stored values that are used to determine the overall rank of a specific posting. Without giving away too much about the actual calculations used, we can still list some of the major key performance indicators used in determining the overall rank: