The Power of Pillar Content Articles

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October 22, 2019

Jason McAuliffe

“Content is King”

But in a day and age where the Internet has exploded with YouTube videos, Instagram influencers, Facebook groups, and of course, millions of articles online – it can be more difficult than ever to actually gain real traction in a crowded online environment.

With that being said, content is still marketing’s reigning king. But ‘average’ content simply cut it anymore if you want to make a lasting impact both for readers, as well as driving online traffic. Not only is business blogging on a steady rise, but the length of leading blog content and/or articles online is also rising.

Longer form content (usually referred to as “pillar content”) not only offers readers much more value and information than typical shorter-form articles, but it also has the power to skyrocket search engine rankings as well. This can lead to a huge surge of free, and targeted online traffic.

This isn’t just speculation either, the current statistics speak for themselves…

The average word count for top-ranking content in the search engine giant Google, is between 1,140 to 1,285 words. [Source]

60% of online marketers create at least 1 piece of content each day. The longer the content and the more informative the content, the better. [Source]

Year-over-year growth in site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders vs. followers (19.7% vs. 2.5%). [Source]

Longer and much more in-depth blog posts, including pillar content, typically generate 9x more leads compared to shorter posts. [Source]

As the Internet continues to grow, as well as online companies and new cutting-edge industries and markets, so will the need and demand for well-written and informative content.

Pillar content is not only becoming the most desired method to deliver this kind of high-level content to online readers, but it’s also a proven way to help establish one as a true authority online, while also giving search engines exactly what they love the very most – superior content.

Top 5 Advantages of Creating Superior Pillar Content Articles

Content that drives and converts prospects to customers! This is why 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C markets use content marketing as their key strategy for coming into contact with new clients and consumers. However, in a global market where thousands of pieces of content are pushed out into the internet via Google or social media, there needs to be a way for writers to stand out from the noise.

That’s where Hot Prospects pillar content articles come into the picture. These articles are a significant, standalone piece of content, like an e-book or a massive guide, that’s written with the purpose of being broken down and expanded upon into individual pieces.

Although there are immeasurable benefits to doing this, we’re going to look at the top 5 advantages of creating pillar articles/guides:

More Accessible Content:

When you go through content marketing with a pillar organizational basis, you are creating 20+ pieces of content from just one finished piece of content. One e-book can become 30 blogs, multiple infographics, and social posts. Therefore, taking the time to organize everything in that first pillar piece will set the content stage for months to come.

Related Content:

In any given month, you want to try and create content that is somewhat tied together. It can be hard to follow that theme throughout the month with no blueprint. So let’s say you want to publish four blogs this month. If they come from the pillar article, then they are already going to tie back to that one central theme, without any extra thought.

Less Long-Term Work:

Obviously, the most time-consuming part of the entire process will be creating that pillar piece of content. But, once you get that done, all subsequent content marketing efforts will be planned and organized for you. In the long run, it’s still less work than approaching each piece as a standalone thought.

Marketing Consistency:

Niche marketing is where it’s at today, which is why you want marketing materials that are consistent. No one wants to be surprised, and that especially goes for your blogs and social media posts.

Improved SEO:

Did you know Google loves pillar content? Creating one central resource that links to your subsequent 20 pieces of content is an effective way to boost your SEO over-time.

Where Pillar Meets Blockchain

We believe the gig economy stands to be disrupted by incoming blockchain technology, sourcing great writers with residual income thanks to their talents, intellect, and hard work. Where will it all come together? On Hot Prospects.

We’ll publish sector-specific Articles, Products, Events & Services. Driving prospects through designated sales funnels to generate orders and leads for our platform. It’s the beginning of the incoming writers’ revolution, where decentralized control will make it easier for freelancers everywhere to get paid, along with royalties and retain ownership of their works. It all starts with Hot Prospects. Fill out this form and learn how.

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