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January 21, 2020

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We declare cannabis to be a good plant with many medicinal, cultural, and social lubrication benefits. The Glassworthy family has long worked to de-stigmatize the cannabis plant and display its true values as healer, peacemaker, and inspirer of world-changing ideas.

We demand that the traders and merchants of cannabis shall be provided free and fair access to the Federal banking system. Unnecessary tariffs and taxes shall be removed with haste. Tax revenue from the cannabis industry is lining the coffers of state and Federal governments, so we demand that local police enforce cannabis laws just as they would enforce laws surrounding the sale of alcohol and tobacco.

We reject the hypocrisy of cannabis stigma as well as its supposed immorality. We expose the war on drugs as an abject failure, and we reject its adjacent racism and reliance on bad facts and propaganda. Adults 21 or over should be allowed to consume cannabis in every state in the U.S. and buying cannabis should never be a crime.

We advocate for true and good partnerships between government, law enforcement, and cannabis merchants and traders. We promote sensible regulation of cannabis sales and consumption. Like every other form of commerce, the Cannabis trade must have contract law and other protections, lest it remain at the mercy of guns, cartels, and other criminal elements. Those previously arrested for cannabis trading should have policy-driven advantages as they re-enter the regulated market.

We believe in the importance of celebrating and the joy that can be found in the elevation of everyday experiences.

We believe adults have the inalienable human right to self-medicate, explore their vices, and treat their bodies as they wish.

We believe cannabis should be duly credited as the inspirational force behind much of the art, science, music, literature, and culture that surrounds us.

We believe that cannabis inspires the type of creative storytelling that propels the world forward - one gram at a time...

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