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Step 1

Create a Product, Service, Event, or Article

Register as a creator on the Hot Prospects platform and have the ability to create content for the main purpose of brand awareness, generating leads, and engaging users about your business and services. As a content creator, build a wave of articles and content dedicated to promoting your products and services. Creators will have access to a broad array of management tools to help control every aspect of each post displayed on the site. As creators increases their usage of the system, the content will gain in exposure through our ranking process.
Register as a consumer on the Hot Prospects platform and you'll have access to targeted content sometimes not open to the general public. Consumers also have the ability to write reviews on all items posted on the platform.

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Step 2

Generate Leads and Commerce

Once a creator has begun posting content on the platform, it's time to attach a customize lead generating form to your posting. Using the CRM tools, add customized validations to the form and have the ability to require forms to be submitted prior to accessing the post. As a creator, upload QR codes to the landing page to allow consumers to donate or pay for products and services.

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Step 3

Grow and Discover

As you engage more and more customers on the platform, your postings will increase to the top placements of Hot Prospects. This is done by increasing in postive reviews and posting fresh content on a regular basis. The more content, the more engagement, the more results.

Creator of Content?

Consumer of Content?