Hot Prospects is a Social Driven Commerce Platform

Create, Promote & Manage your Hot Prospects profile while you connect with the leaders and researchers in your respective industry. All Hot Prospects have the ability to search for ground breaking products and connect with the people and companies that create those products in one simple network. Hot Prospects utilizes big data analytics, customized algorithms and social media activity to expose and connect our users with innovative products and services that are trending worldwide.

  • Hot Prospects gives you the exposure and the tools you need to succeed!
  • Buy and Sell products with other Hot Prospects utilizing our social sales environment
  • Industry Franchise Owners use our Social Customer Relationship Management tools with marketing and advertising dashboards
  • Lead Generation, Lead Management and Sales Process Management help our clients and users connect easier and more efficiently
  • Complete Customer Management with active history log, document control and access security
  • Event Calender with GEO location automation keeping your hot prospects active and committed

How to become a Hot Prospect

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Hot provides a universal platform for people to promote themselves and their products globally. Connect with sales executives, industry leaders, marketing managers and buyers worldwide. Manage your entire sales, marketing and advertising campaigns with a great set of management tools and network building components. A true social crm changing the way buyers & sellers interact while marketing and selling their products and services!

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